What You Need To Know About Jackson Hole Wyoming

This town is in the United States.  There are some interesting facts that can be learnt from this town, such as,

Did you know that the Jackson Hole Airport if the only airport in the US that has a national park? That’s the first attraction you get as a tourist. Alight from the plane and then see some wildlife, conveniently within.

This town has been chosen over and over again as the location for some of the favorite movies.

Movies such as Rocky and Shane are proud to have been filmed there.

The Jackson town is also known as the Equality state reason being that they elected the first woman in the town council in 1920 and progressed to give women more power by letting them vote, allowing them to hold public office and even serve as juries.

Jackson Hole town has four iconic antlers at the town square.

There are some activities to try out when visiting Jackson Hole town.

Whitewater rafting

Water rafting is navigating through a body of rough water using an inflatable raft. You can enjoy rafting with your family and friends. There is a rush that you will get when doing this sport. Snake River in Jackson Hole is believed to be the first place it started.

Elk Refuge

Jackson Hole is also famous for being home of the elk whenever they migrate during winter. For this reason, the town has a National Elk Refuge. You will also be able to see bison, which are protected by the federal government.

Yellow Stone National park

This park has experienced a lot of tremors, specifically about 1000-3000 in a year.

Yellowstone has a super volcano that can fill Grand Canyon by its lava 11 times. If you want to see the grizzly bears, then this is the place to go.

These are some of the reasons to make you go to Jackson Hole town.

The Mountain Resort

This resort caters for the needs of the ski lovers. If you don’t know how to ski, then don’t worry you can have lessons here. The ski resort has the most extended vertical rise in the United States

Did you know that Jackson’s whole population is the lowest in the United States, the town is lucky enough to have its state dinosaur? ┬áTheir symbol is the triceratops.

The town’s highest point is Gannett Peak at 13,809.

If you decide to go to Jackson Hole town during winter make sure you pack the following items

Pack some sunscreen, a warm hat that covers your ears, snow goggles to wear when you are skiing.

A pair of high-topped boots, a scarf, and polarized sunglasses will help you glare off the snow and ice. Most of all enjoy what it has to offer.